I spent most every waking minute of my young life trying to convince my parents to get a Doberman.  Somehow they must have been listening because for my
high school graduation present from them I received the promise of a puppy who had yet to be born.  How fortunate was I that my folks paid attention to the fact
that I wanted a well-bred dog that I could show.  They contacted Joanna Walker of Marks-Tey Dobermans and the rest is history.  I got my start in September of
1983 with a black puppy bitch who eventually became Ch Karadej’s Chase of Marks Tey WAC.  I cut my teeth in the show ring with her…I was able to finish her
myself with a little help for majors.  I bred Chase once to Ch Marks-Tey The Saint WAC which resulted in nine puppies, three to become champions – Am/Can
Ch Vondura’s August of Marks-Tey WAC, Ch Vondura’s Apollo of Marks-Tey and Ch Vondura’s Marks-Tey Avant-Gard CD ROM (Perrie).

Perrie was a black bitch, like her mother.  She was a wonderful producer.  Her first litter was sired by Ch Deerfield’s Montana War Wind CD.  Two puppies
resulted from this combination, one of which became Ch Vondura’s Intolerance CD ROM (Cori).  Her second litter of ten was by Ch Primary Caught
Redhanded.  Four of these became champions – Top20 contender and 1996 AOM recipient Am/Can Ch Vondura’s HMS Invincible (Robin), BISS Vondura’s
USS Independence (Indy), Am/Can Ch Vondura’s HMS Royal Sovereign CD ROM (Triton) and Ch Vondura’s HMS Sparrow Hawk (Sparrow).  These were all
owned by or co-owned with other people.

Cori was bred twice.  Her first litter was sired by Am/Can Ch Ravenswoods High Performance UD which resulted in five puppies, one of which finished Ch
Vondura’s Voltaire Trotzen (Dieter).  Her second litter was by Ch Legend’s Extravaganza v Deco CD for a total of three puppies – two were to finish.  They were
Am/Can Ch Vondura’s Pandemonium (Devon) and Am/Can Ch Vondura’s Turmoil v Deerfield (Alex).

Devon was bred once and this was to our own dog that we imported from Brazil, Ch Charleston Dark and Debonaire.  This combination produced five puppies
with one to finish, Ch Vondura’s Turn To You Urban Pride (Travler).  I kept a bitch from that litter, Vondura’s Torvallen (Tori).  I wanted to show her but never did
as I was going through a big life change and, frankly, couldn’t afford it.  I, at some point, intended to breed Torrin but for several reasons I reluctantly decided  to
spay her.  Instead I proceeded forward with a lovely bitch I had purchased from Pat Blenkey and Brian Casey, Liberator’s Forev’r N’ BluGenes (Denim).  She is
a full sister of their beautiful Am/Can Ch Liberator’s Blonde Ambition whom I loved.

Denim never was shown and I bred her once.  This resulted in three puppy girls of which two were to finish.  They are Ch Vondura’s Supernatural (Daphne)
and Ch Vondura’s Black Magic Woman (Enya).

This brings us to the present.  To date, Daphne has been bred once which resulted in seven puppies, four of which finished.  They are GrCh Vondura’s
Xcelerator Belle Amie (Go-Go), Ch Vondura’s Screaming Eagle (Shogun), Ch Vondura’s Revolution (Target) and Ch Vondura’s Psyclone (GiGi).  

I co-bred a litter from Daphne’s sister Enya.  This resulted in two girls who are now of show age and beginning their careers.  I co-own Rendition’s Wild Violet
at Vondura (Fallon) with Mary Dellorto.  Karen and Larry Taylor kept Rendition’s May It Be (Erin).  Both are lovely and we look forward to seeing them in the
winners circle.