Vondura’s Relatively Speaking
(Ch. Foxfire’s Ain’t That Right x Ch SeRenity’s Double Indemnity)
Dej was placed with Mary Roach who was Chase’s breeder.   How poignant that she would come to
rely on him so much.  Mary found herself in need of a service dog and Dej filled that void.  He is a
constant companion to her along with helping her to get up to a standing position and for bracing.  
Despite knee surgery, Mary still sometimes experiences an instability and she relies on him in
crowds, uneven surfaces, or walking long distances.  When he is in harness, he knows his job and is
focused on Mary.  He gets many opportunities to interact with the public and is a great ambassador
for the breed.  He waits for permission to approach new people and gently taps them with his nose
which is declared to be a kiss.  It gives us great pleasure and pride to have bred a dog that is so
essential to a person’s every day life.

Mary Roach
Waterloo, IA

Karin & Steve Fox
Boston, KY
DOB – 5/3/06